Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sadie Frost - 25th July 2012 - Harpers Bazaar

“It was truly getting unbearable…us poor Brits having to put up with the worst summer in history. I really couldn’t take any more so I boarded a plane to St Tropez for the weekend. (Little did I know it would be 30 degrees in London this week!) I hadn’t visited the South of France for about 8 years so it was exciting to go back. We stayed in a beautiful little Villa in the Gramaud area.

I was with a few girlfriends so we kicked back and drank rose and just basically had a good time. The kind of holiday where you can just goof around and not have a care in the world. The children at home with their fathers and all other responsibilities left behind.

We stayed with the lovely Sophie Bonnard who knew the area like the back of her hand so we were taken to some beautiful and remote spots, powdery beaches with only a handful of people on them.

Sophie took us to a sandy beach called L’Escalet where we met the enigmatic designer Stefano Pilati and afterwards we had dinner at a family run restaurant on Salan beach, which was truly divine.

The next day we took a boat and visited lots of secret coves and then went for lunch at a buzzing restaurant on the seafront, all bamboo and chic-ness. The kind of place you’d imagine Bridgette Bardot to be at, sitting in a corner drinking Perrier. The food was gorgeous and afterwards we bought some bikinis at the boutiques next door.

We danced for England on the boat with a sense of freedom that you often don’t get on land. Of course at some point some paps caught our shenanigans on their cameras.

I raised the question to myself that the press can make us focus on such silly shallow things. Are we too fat? Too thin? Gosh has she got cellulite? Is she too old to be wearing a bikini? Blimey, who cares? I’m on a boat with girls, a glass of Rose or two and of course girls just want to have fun!”